Advent Calendar for Businesses

When it comes to promoting your business during the Christmas holiday period, an advent calendar for businesses is a cost effective and successful solution. With an online calendar on your website, you can generate incremental sales during December and gather new leads to target in your marketing campaigns the following year.

By doing this you’re ensuring that users of your site and visitors to your Facebook page will get a good impression of your business. You’ll also win long term and loyal new customers, adhering to all the GDPR requirements that allow you to send them reminders and prize alerts.

What is an online advent calendar?

An online advent calendar for businesses is either a standalone calendar or one that’s embedded on your website that counts down the days through December until Christmas. There are a variety of ways in which it can work:

  • Your online advent calendar could be in the form of a quiz with new questions each day where a prize is awarded daily or to the users with the highest scores at the end of period
  • It could help promote different elements of your products and/or services and even other companies with which your business works in partnership
  • A simple clickable interactive advent calendar that displays a fun seasonal image or joke when users click on the date
  • It can be a tool to offer seasonal promotions such as money off coupons or a free gift when spending over a certain amount

If you’re unsure which type of calendar would best suit your business and customers, create a free account and take a look at our range of online advent calendar templates. You’ll see there are many designs to choose from to help promote your business and strengthen your brand on social media.

How it works

An online advent calendar for businesses represents another way to promote your business to potential customers. The seasonal touch heightens the appeal of your service and puts you at the forefront of consumers’ minds at a time when they’re in the mood to spend money.

We offer advent calendar templates as well as the option to make your own online advent calendar, complete with company branding and styling. This helps ensure calendar visitors know which business they’re engaging with.

You’ll encourage regular interaction if you offer users of your online advent calendar the chance to win a great prize, either on a daily basis or at the end of the period.

To help make it simple to maintain your interactive online advent calendar, you’ll receive a daily report summarising:

  • Number of calendar participants
  • Number of correct and incorrect answers
  • Auto draw option of daily winners
  • Total amount of activity in the calendar

By encouraging both existing and potential customers to visit your site, you’re also engaging with a broader audience. This has the potential to generate new leads and could prove to be a real boon to your company. It’s also a great way to meet GDPR requirements and acquire the details of potential new customers.

Social media opportunities

The online advent calendar isn’t necessarily restricted to your company website – it can also be added to your company Facebook page. The advent calendar for Facebook is just as straightforward to create and will help generate further interest in your company.

The advantage of adding your interactive advent calendar to your company Facebook page is that it also allows you to promote it through other social media business accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Strategic use of hashtags and topics could lead to you reaching even more new visitors than anticipated.

Use your online calendar to add value to those who like your tweets and posts and are encouraged to click through to your advent calendar. Not only will users enjoy the information, fun fact or promotion you share on your calendar, you can also give them something useful to benefit from throughout the calendar’s promotion!

A great way to do this is by offering tips related to your industry, product or service. Why not share some relevant news or a survey to highlight a new day on your seasonal calendar?

Why an online advent calendar is successful

Online advent calendars for businesses are successful because they offer both existing and potential customers a sample of your services. But crucially, that taste for your services comes without a big financial commitment.

Just as a physical advent calendar offers buyers a way to sample goods without having to spend too much, an online advent calendar gives potential customers the chance to find out more and take advantage of a special offer that doesn’t require a great outlay of time or money.

As such you should take the time to get your advent calendar right for your target audience. It needs to be sufficiently interesting for users to return again and again, giving them the opportunity to enjoy not-to-be-missed offers and prizes.

By offering a fun, seasonal way to engage with your company, an online interactive advent calendar encourages more traffic to your website, giving you the potential to secure more customers and achieve incremental sales during the month of December.

It’s an easy promotional tool to add to your website and Facebook page. If you can create the calendar in good time and begin promoting it (and gain new signups) during November, you have the potential to generate a bumper December with minimal effort. As well as making some existing customers very happy, you’ll also acquire details of potential customers to contact in the new year.

We know you’ll be impressed with how straightforward it is to create an online interactive advent calendar for your Facebook and website page.

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