Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website

Try an Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website in the Advent season! Advent, the waiting period before Christmas, is a celebration most people associate with joy and excitement. That is why this is a perfect time to make your company more visible through an Advent Calendar! An Advent Calendar will make both the visibility and the activity around your business grow, and is quick and easy to make. The Advent Calendar is easy to complete – the end result is, of course, professional every time. This way, an Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website might be just what you’re looking for to raise knowledge around your business!

Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website

Advent is a pleasant time with lots of joy. We associate advent with candlelights, polar nights, and short days, and we look forward to Christmas coming closer day by day. Christmas is also a time with plenty of good food, quality time with family and friends, no work, and last but not least – presents! Therefore, in the advent period, many people look for the perfect gift for their loved ones, and a good offer can be crucial in the process of making their wishes come true. That is why an advent calendar for businesses may be what you need to give the customer just the offer they are looking for! A competition also creates excitement for the participants, something that will give a positive impression of your business.

An Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website is really easy to make, and is an effective way to create attention around your company. The participants can look forward to opening the next window in your calendar every day throughout the whole advent period. Through the advent calendar you can make a unique offer every day in December, or run competitions with questions and answers where the participants can win cool prizes. Share the Christmas calendar on Facebook, and you will reach out to even more people!

Create more wellbeing in the Advent Season

An online Advent Calendar is a great way to run competitions, since advent is a time where many  people look for ideas for Christmas presents for their loved ones. This way, you can help the grandmother of Oddvar get the iPad she wished for last year, or the boyfriend of Anne can finally get the Spa treatment he’s been hassling for since last Christmas, rather than the homemade socks he gets from Anne every Christmas. Through good offers, your customers may finally get the push they need to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. Maybe it is Nils winning the big prize from the Advent Calendar – a new watch? With an Advent Calendar for businesses, anything is possible! At the same time, you will earn from the calendar by engagement and visibility for your company.

You may also put the Advent Calendar out on your Website, or your Facebook page. Naturally, it works on all browsers and looks great on mobile platforms such as the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Galaxy tab, Windows Phone and Nokia.

The Advent Calendar has been translated to several languages, including Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, German, English (UK and US) and Spanish (Castellano) – in case you have departments abroad.

Advice for your company’s Advent Calendar

  • Promote your calendar well in advance
  • Make your calendar visible on your website and create a Christmas mood as early as December 1st
  • Make an Advent Calendar for your employees

Advent Calendar for Facebook

A calendar on Facebook will lead to even more participants, since participants can like, comment and share the calendar with their friends and acquaintances. An Advent Calendar on Facebook may also lead to you getting more followers on your Facebook page, allowing you to spread the word even further with updates on offers or information about your company. Positive tidings are being spread very quickly on Facebook, which is why Facebook is the perfect channel to share your advent calendar. Participants can share the calendar and challenge their friends to take part as well. If you have some good offers in your calendar, or a cool and popular prize, even more will want to participate in the Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar for your Website

Your company will get many advantages from running an online Advent Calendar. No matter if your company is small, medium or large, an Advent Calendar on your Website will be a great initiative that all the participants will find exciting and engaging, with lots of people every day enjoying opening new windows in the Advent Calendar. An Advent Calendar on the web for businesses or companies will create good dialogue with the customers, and is a great way for you to spread the word about what the business is doing and what you have to offer. The Advent Calendar is interactive and engaging, allowing the participants being able to answer questions. This way something new happens every day through the advent season.

Advent Calendar for employees or customers – it’s up to you!

You can opt to run an advent calendar for the employees in the company, or have a calendar directed towards your customers. An advent calendar for the employees will create a positive mood prior to Christmas on the work place, and add extra excitement to the everyday life of the employees! You can also have an branded advent calendar directed towards existing and new customers, something that will enhance your visibility and make more people familiar with your company and the products and services you offer.

So there are a lot of advantages by running an advent calendar onFacebook or on your website. You are free to choose what the prize should be, and whether you are going to draw one or more winners. You can have both attention and more clicks on your website, and more followers on your Facebook page. You choose which questions to ask the participants, decide on the answers they can make, and how the advent calendar will look. This way, you may make an exciting and engaging Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website that creates a pleasant atmosphere among both employees and customers, while more will get to know you and your services and products. You may adjust the questions in the calendar of your company, but it’s recommended to keep the questions simple and easy to find an answer to, so that the participants keep being motivated.

It is especially fun for the winner or winners of the Advent Calendar, who will get a pleasant surprise for Christmas. If you choose to run an Advent Calendar for Facebook and Website with good offers, all participants will be winners. Who can object to getting good offers or winning free prizes?

Increase sales in December!

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