Advent Calendar on Facebook

An advent calendar on Facebook will get more followers to your Facebook page and engage your customers in a new way. It is easier than ever to create your own advent calendar and get it up and running on Facebook.

You can simply install the calendar by clicking a button and select the page you want the calendar to be on. Keep in mind that you must be an admin and logged on before you can install the advent calendar.

In the days of December leading up to Christmas a new window in the calendar opens, where you can run a quiz with questions and answers with different options, or give the contestants a unique offer on your products. Each of the windows can also be shared on Facebook. This allows participants to share what in their opinion is a funny question or a cool prize with their Facebook friends. Since more than 50 % of all activity on social media is from mobile devices, we have ensured that the advent calendar works perfectly on all smart phones and tablets.

Create holiday spirit with an Advent Calendar on Facebook

Through an advent calendar on Facebook the participants can get a unique offer each day in December leading up to Christmas, or you can run a quiz with Q&A. You can decide if you want to crown one or several winners each and every day, or just at the end of the calendar. If you post the advent calendar on Facebook, you will reach out to a whole new audience and grow your business by generating more followers to your company’s Facebook page.

An advent calendar is a great way to create buzz around your company and let the customers get to know your business better. A calendar is very easy to create, and the result will be professional every time! Advent Calendar is a very effective way to market your business before Christmas and get new customers. Your Facebook followers will every day look forward to opening the next window in the advent calendar, which creates commitment and engages the followers to visit your page every day in December.

December being a month where a lot of people still are looking for the perfect gift for their beloved ones, this is a great opportunity to inform people about your products and services, or share a good offer. Retail sales increases dramatically during the holiday season, which creates a great business opportunity for companies. Share your advent calendar a while before Christmas, allowing customers to pre-register and look forward to the launch of the calendar at December 1st.

What will my company gain by running an Advent Calendar on Facebook?

Advent calendars have been huge in Germany and the Nordic countries for decades already, and is a big part of the marketing strategy in these countries. Millions of people spend time on Facebook daily, which makes it a great way for businesses to communicate with customers. An advent calendar on Facebook is a great strategy for making people more aware of your business. An advent calendar is an interactive way to connect with people and let them get to know your company, your products and your services. It will bring new Facebook followers to your business. Many of the participants will like, comment, follow your Facebook page, and share the calendar with their Facebook friends. Overall this will create more traffic to your website and to your Facebook page. This is by all means a win-win!

Create good dialogue with old customers

Those who already like your Facebook page will get the advent calendar in their news feed.  If they think the advent calendar looks fun or have a cool prize, they might participate and possibly share it with their friends. In this way the calendar will reach further and further, to even more potential customers. A calendar will create an awareness to your company, and not to mention a dialogue between you and your customers. It will also generate more traffic to your company website and your Facebook page. An advent calendar on Facebook is a new way to reach out to old customers and show them that you are a fun business who loves making people happy.

So why should you get an advent calendar? Because who doesn’t love getting free stuff? We know for sure that we do! An advent calendar on Facebook can increase revenue and bring you new customers. An advent calendar gives your customers the opportunity to join in on an exciting quiz before Christmas, which makes Christmas preparations even more enjoyable! Encouraging the contestants to like and share the advent calendar with their friends will make you reach out to a bunch of new potential customers.

An advent calendar for your customers or your employees? It is your choice!

How about running an advent calendar for your employees only? Having happy workers is a leader’s greatest goal and the key to a good work environment. Running an advent calendar might be exactly what your company needs to create that extra holiday spirit on your work place. It will give your workers the opportunity to compete with each other and win cool prizes. This will lead to excitement, engaged employees and a positive atmosphere all throughout December. In this way you can show your co-workers how much you appreciate their effort in your company and bring a little extra joy before Christmas. The winner(s) of the advent calendar will without a doubt appreciate this initiative. Because the holidays are all about giving, right?

Benefits of running an advent calendar on your Facebook page

It does not matter if your company is small, medium or large – an advent calendar on Facebook is still an excellent way to spread the word about your business and create a better dialogue with your customers. An advent calendar will engage the participants and create customer loyalty.

Facebook is still the greatest social network in marketing, which makes Facebook the king of social media. “Everybody” is on Facebook, and a branded advent calendar on Facebook is a cheap and very efficient way to market your business and to let your customers get to know you better. The idea of having a quiz containing of one new question every day leading up to Christmas, is an interactive way to engage customers and keep their attention all the way throughout December.

Increase sales in December!

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