Branded Advent Calendars

Branded Advent Calendars are a great way to market your business and attract new customers. A branded advent calendar is a quiz where the participants can open a new window in the calendar every day in December leading up to Christmas. Marketing businesses through branded advent calendars will make more people open up their eyes for your company and the products and services you are offering. This will certainly make you more visible in the jungle of businesses with their marketing and ads before Christmas. Try it now, and discover all the benefits running an advent calendar will give your brand!

It is easier than ever to create a branded advent calendar for your company and get it up and running on your web page and your company Facebook page. A digital advent calendar might be exactly what your business needs to get new and loyal customers. An advent calendar will create more traffic to your website and engage your customers in a completely new way.

All you have to do to get the advent calendar up and running on your website and your Facebook page, is to simply click a button. You can choose between different templates for your advent calendar, or you can make your own design. You can also pick out the questions and the answers for the quiz, and choose how many winners you want to pick, and if you want to pick a winner in each of the windows of the calendar or at the calendar’s end.

The advent calendar is available in many different languages – for businesses with branches in different countries. The calendar is available in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish (Castellano), Finnish and Estonian. In this way you can customize the calendar so it fits your needs.

Branded advent calendars as part of your marketing strategy

Businesses in Germany and the Nordic countries have been using branded advent calendars to market themselves for decades already. Advent calendars are great tools to use in your marketing strategy before the Christmas holidays, where your business can become more visible and attract new customers in a cheap and very efficient way. Customers love feeling like they get something back from your company, and having the opportunity to win a cool prize is the perfect way to interact with your audience. Boost your sales throughout December whilst giving information about your company and your products or services.

If you choose to ask questions about your company or your products in the quiz, the participants of the Christmas calendar will have to do some research and acquire information about you to answer the question. In this way you engage your customers in an exciting and interactive way, and at the same time making them learn more about your company or products.

Branded advent calendars will for sure bring out the Christmas spirit!

Holiday season is all about family and friends, exchanging gifts, great food and generosity. It is a time for happiness and joy, for peace and for giving. Bring some extra joy to your audience through a digital advent calendar where participants have the opportunity to win cool prizes! This will create a better dialogue with existing customers and help attract new ones, whilst showing off your products.

In the calendar you can either run a quiz with questions and answers, or you can give the customers a unique offer on your products and services every day in December leading up to the holidays. The winners will certainly not regret entering the competition when they walk away with the awesome prize!

What will my company gain from running an advent calendar in December?

December is a month where a lot of people still are looking for great gifts for their friends and family. This makes December the perfect time to advertise your products and services with an advent calendar for businesses. Share the advent calendar on your company website and Facebook page before December starts, allowing people to pre-register and look forward to the calendar launches in December. This is a great marketing strategy to increase sales, given the fact that retail sales increase dramatically before Christmas.

Tips for your using branded advent calendars:

  • Promote your calendar well in advance
  • Add the calendar to your web page
  • Post the calendar on your Facebook page
  • Create a separate calendar for your employees only

There are many good reasons for your company to run an advent calendar

An advent calendar will engage your employees in an interactive way, and some of them will be the lucky winners of a cool prize. With a digital advent calendar you will attract new customers and create a good dialogue with your audience. An advent calendar will show your audience that you are a fun and loving company which loves making people happy, while at the same tame showing off your products and services.

It does not matter if you choose to run an advent calendar towards customers or employees, an advent calendar will engage and create excitement in the holiday season. A quiz for your employees will give you excited workers, while a calendar for your customers will give you more Facebook followers, likes and increase sales. It will also give you a lot more subscribers to your newsletters. Email marketing is the type of marketing that gives the best return of investment (ROI), and you can continue updating the new subscribers of your newsletter with information about your company, useful tips and tricks, articles, good offers on your products, or whatever you feel like is important information.

Install the calendar on your website and your Facebook page, and you will make even more people enter your fun Christmas Countdown quiz! Facebook is still the flagship of social media when it comes to marketing, and the contestants will share your advent calendar with their Facebook friends. This will give you more customers and bring happiness every day when a new window opens in the advent calendar. Who will be the lucky winner(s) of your advent calendar? Only time will show!

Increase sales in December!

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