Remembered everything before the Advent Calendar airs?

In order to be on the safe side, we’ll send you a checklist of everything that needs to be in place in the Advent Calendar by December 1st.

Don’t forget Facebook

Positive messages are spread like wild fire on Facebook! If you’re keen for a lot of people to take part, make sure you share your calendar on Facebook. If you click Publish > Publish Options > Facebook, you’ll see a share link if you’ve already installed the calendar on Facebook. This link can be shared as a post on your Facebook page and is the link that must be used for the calendar to work on smartphones.

Installation on Facebook pages that have under 2000 followers.

Sharing on Facebook shows incorrect or missing images.


In order to ensure a high participant rate, you must enable Pre-registration. This builds expectations up until the point at which the Advent Calendar goes live. Share the pre-registration link on Facebook and your website’s blog or newsfeed. You can find this link by clicking Publish Options.

Email reminders

You need to send an email reminder to the participants who have pre-registered as soon as the calendar starts. Simply navigate to Settings > Email reminders in the Advent Calendar to send a reminder to the participants and select which version of the calendar you want to link to.

Confirmation Page

Use the confirmation message to present the current offer or discount code. Add a link to your website and encourage participants to share your calendar on social media.

Celebrate those recruiting new participants

In order for the Advent Calendar to be as effective as possible, you can encourage participants to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ and then reward those who have recruited the most participants. To do this, go to Participants > Recruits where you’ll see an overview of people with the highest number of recruits. Don’t forget to announce that the chance of winning increases for those who recruit the most!

Remember to follow Facebook’s competition rules.

Good luck with this year’s Advent Calendar!

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