Christmas Countdown

The holidays are getting closer and closer. December is almost here, and you can finally start the official Christmas countdown. Get an online advent calendar for your business, and make the Christmas countdown a fun experience for your customers and employees.

With an advent calendar you can market your business in a fun and new way! An advent calendar will bring you new customers and make your business more visible in the jungle of companies marketing themselves before Christmas. An advent calendar will also make the Christmas countdown a fun experience, where you can connect with your customers and create loyal customers. An advent calendar will also bring you more followers on Facebook, where the contestants can like, comment and share the advent calendar on their Facebook page. In this way you will get a bunch of new participants to your calendar and clicks on your website.

Christmas Countdown through a quiz

An online advent calendar is a quiz where you can offer the contestants a cool prize or share some good offers on your products and services. Every day in December leading up to Christmas a new window will be available in the calendar. The contestants have to answer the question in the window, and every correct answer will increase the chances of winning the cool prize! It is up to you if you want to have a prize every day in the calendar, or just when the calendar is over. Perhaps you want to award the grand prize on Christmas Eve?

Have you considered having an advent calendar for your employees? In this way your company can count down the days to the holidays in a fun, exciting and inspiring way. Bring the Christmas spirit to your work place and give your employees the opportunity to win some cool prizes. This will without a doubt make December feel a little shorter, and bring joy to your workers in December.

Advent calendars have been huge in the Scandinavian countries and Germany for ages already. Businesses have also been using Christmas calendars in their marketing strategy for a long time, with great results! Counting down the days to Christmas through an advent calendar is a great way for companies to market themselves, and will certainly raise awareness for your companies to potential customers, whilst also creating customer loyalty to your old customers. In addition to all of this, a Christmas countdown will lead to more Facebook followers and email recipients. After the end of this year’s calendar, you can continue communicating with them through Facebook and your newsletters.

The holiday season is a time for joy and peace, for giving and for love. In Christmas a lot of people spend some quality time with family and friends, eat some amazing food, give and receive presents and show your beloved ones how much you care about them. In the same way, Christmas is the perfect time to show your customers that you are a joyful company who appreciates your customers. Tell your customers how much you care about them with an advent calendar, and give them the opportunity to win an awesome prize at the same time.

There are many different types of advent calendars. You can find calendars with small pieces of chocolate, paper advent calendars with pretty images in the different windows, calendars with a small present every day of December leading up to Christmas, TV shows with a new episode every day, and many others. An online advent calendar for businesses is a type of advent calendar that will make your company stick out in the jungle of businesses that want customer’s attention before Christmas. An advent calendar quiz will make the Christmas countdown feel a little shorter, and is a fun initiative that the participants certainly will appreciate!

You can find advent calendars in a range of themes and forms, and they can be used in many different ways. The one thing they have in common, is that you are given something. This means that advent calendars are a great way for your business to share something with your customers! An advent calendar quiz will bring excitement to the participants, and they will get a better relationship to your business.

If you get an advent calendar for business you can choose between many different templates, or you can design your own calendar. Choose questions that are related to your products and services. In this way the participants will get to know you better. Every day in December the participants can enjoy opening a new window in the calendar and answering an interesting question. Offer the winners of the advent calendar a cool prize, and you will get many more participants to your advent calendar.

In addition to getting you more customers, an advent calendar will create better dialogue with the existing ones. Through the calendar the participants can challenge themselves in an exciting quiz with fun questions. This is an interactive contest where you can use this great opportunity to get to know your customers in a better way. You will create loyalty and a good relationship between customers and business. You will also collect a lot more emails and get more Facebook followers. You can continue updating them with information about your business, give them offers, and tell them about new products after the calendar has ended. Just remember to give them updates frequently, but not too often. If you send emails too often, your recipients will perceive it as spam and unsubscribe to your newsletters. The same thing is applicable for your Facebook followers. Update them with relevant and interesting information. Not too often, but not too rarely either.

It is your choice if you want to have a digital advent calendar for your customers or your employees. A calendar for your employees will give you happy workers all through December, and bring a little extra joy to the work place before the holidays, in addition to bringing out the competitiveness amongst the employees.

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