Christmas marketing – what about emails?

What can you do as a company when it comes to email marketing? How can you create a newsletter that oozes Christmas spirit?

1. Create a publication plan

Before completing each field, you should make it a priority to create a publishing plan for the whole of the Christmas period. It can be difficult to create a successful campaign without a specific action plan and so it’s important to have a firm idea of what to send out when. Pay special attention to the important days of December and the preceding weeks such as St. Lucy’s Day, Advent Sunday and Black Friday. Here you can make a bit more out of your emails.

2. Offers

The newsletter is an obvious platform for sharing good deals with your subscribers. The offers could be presented either on a daily or weekly basis, or on special occasions such as Black Friday. If you know a little about the behaviour and preferences of your subscribers, you can segment the recipients into groups so that they receive offers specifically tailored to their interests.

Often it makes sense to formulate the offers as advent or early Christmas gifts. For example, the offer could consist of giving the customer a discount if they buy a product more than once. Or how about creating some discount codes that your subscribers can pass on to family and friends in the form of gift cards?

3. Christmas decorations

The newsletter is a very visual medium and gives you free rein to be creative. Try for example to look decorative with digital Christmas trees, Christmas balls and fresh snow – even if it hasn’t yet transpired to be a white Christmas in reality. It serves to be a real eye-catcher and creates a cosy mood whilst providing a refreshing change to the other newsletters sent out during the year. Fortunately, Make has many features that make it simple and straightforward to ring in Christmas with different designs. All you have to do is choose your favourite design and customise it according to your needs.

4. Subject fields that exude Christmas spirit

In order to highlight that your December newsletters aren’t just any old routine emails, it might be worth mentioning Christmas holidays in the subject field. That seems to encourage people to click into the email.

However, don’t forget that plenty of others will have a similar idea, so if you can stand out from the crowd with some witty jokes, clever wordplay or by simply stating why the customer should click on your email in particular, then you’ll have guaranteed yourself a good head start.

5. Remember ‘Call to Action’!

In order to encourage the reader to actually click in and do something, it’s essential to include a ‘Call to Action’ at the bottom. It’s obviously an advantage if you have the opportunity to spend some extra time making a creative Christmas-related ‘Call to Action’ that makes it clear that the offer’s unique to the Christmas season. And if you can provide a link to a specific product page or landing page, you’ll have a really solid foundation for an effective Christmas campaign.

6. Learn from previous years

Christmas is a time to celebrate tradition – but that doesn’t mean that new ideas are completely out of the equation. A Christmas campaign is something you should do as a company every year and gives you an obvious opportunity to learn from previous years, focusing on what worked and delivered good results. Did some of the methods work better for specific audiences? Were the cosy and classic headlines more effective than the witty and informal ones?

Customize this year’s campaign according to what worked last year and remember to record the results for next year.

7. Make a advent calendar

Far from simply being a means to blow your own trumpet, a digital advent calendar really is one of the most effective marketing methods you can invest in during the weeks leading up to Christmas. It’s simply a digital advent calendar with 24 doors, typically filled with questions the subscribers can readily answer, giving them the chance to win great prizes. It also gives them something to look forward to every day until Christmas Eve!

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But what do you and your business get out of it? Now that GDPR has come into force, you have a perfect chance to gain consent to store contact information, for example through prizes and competitions in your advent calendar. Just remember to be open and honest about what the company uses the information for, such as targeted offers or other relevant information. Fraud or misconduct is neither legitimate nor particularly clever when you want to strengthen customer confidence in the company.