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Design Guide

A custom design consists of 5 images. These images have to be in a specific size and format before you upload them into the Calendar. After they are uploaded you can adjust fonts, colors, shading and borders to fit your design.

Logo (optional)

Logo will be displayed in the top area of the screen, just above the windows. As an alternative the logo can be designed as part of the background image. Size is optional. Recommended width/height: 500 x 260 pixel.

Main background images

Background image horizontal: 1680 x 1050 pixels (Landscape)
Background image vertical 1050 x 1680 pixels (Portrait)
Background image Facebook: 810 x 800 pixels (Facebook)

We support .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF and .PNG. We do not support .SVG, .AI or .PSD files.

NB: The bottom of the image should fade to a solid color, so that it will match up with the background color.

Prize and description images
These images will be displayed in the open window.

Box header background: 760 x 160 pixels
Description image: 460 x 290 pixels
Prize image: 460 x 260 pixels


If you go to Settings you will find several great tools to make your Advent Calendar exactly how you want it.

By clicking Registration form, you can specify what kind of information contestants have to give you when participating in the advent calendar. Perhaps you would like to obtain the birth date of the participants, to send them a newsletter with a birthday offer later on? Tick off the boxes with the info you would like to collect, and tick off Activate or Required in the boxes to use the fields for OptIn Text when you wish to obtain consent from participants to receive offers and information, and use the Extra Fields to obtain more information from the participants.

Sharing in Social Media

Participants can easily share the advent calendar in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Past experience shows that viral spread in social media is huge, and that the result is exclusively positive marketing for the company. This is a great way to get more likes to your Facebook Page.

All you need to do is go to Settings.

Then click Social Media, and tick off in the boxes for the social media you want to share the calendar in. Fill in a Sharing Title and a Sharing description, which is the title and the description that will be shown when participants share the advent calendar with their friends. To the right you can see an illustration of how it will look when people share the calendar. Under Tip a Friend – Subject and Tip a Friends – Message, you can fill in the subject and a message that will be visible in an email when participants want to tip their friends about the calendar. Remember to click Save when you are done editing.

Draw Winners

Whether you choose to select a winner for one specific day in the Advent Calendar or just one winner for all the windows in total, the winner(s) will be crowned automatically in the system.

Just go to Winners, and then pick the date you want to select a winner for or click Total. Then click Draw a winner.

Now the name of a winner will appear, and you will have to Approve the winner. If you want several winners, just click Draw more. You can also announce the name of the winner of yesterdays window directly in the Advent Calendar. Here you will have to copy the name of the winner and paste it into the text box, along with a text to congratulate the winner. Then choose whether to Show correct answer of the question along with the name of the winner. Remember to click Save.

Facebook Problem Solver

1/10: Remove "Advent Calendar" app from Facebook

Go to Facebook > Your Facebookpage > Settings > Templates and Tabs.
Scroll down to “Advent Calendar” and expand the tab by clicking settings.

Remove the “Advent Calendar” app by turning it off.

Remember to click save!

Always start by removing the “Advent Calendar” app from Facebook.

2/10: Age restriction

Sorry, something went wrong

Go to Facebook > Your Facebookpage > Settings > General.
Check if age restriction is set to all (13+). If not, set it temporarily to all (13+), install the “Advent Calendar” app, and then turn the age restriction back on.

The age restriction prohibits installation.

3/10: Country restriction

Sorry, something went wrong II

Go to Facebook > Your Facebookpage > Settings > General.
Check if country restriction is set to all (visible to all). If not, set it temporarily to all (visible to all), install the “Advent Calendar” app, and then turn the country restriction back on.

Country restiction prohibits installation.

4/10: Install app on Facebook

Go to Advent calendar > Publish options > Facebook. Press “Install Facebook app”. Select which Facebookpage you want the app to run on and add the tab.

Always delete the old installation beforehand.

5/10: Lack of permissions

If you receive a permission error when installing “Advent Calendar” on Facebook, you are probably logged in with the wrong account. 

NB! The Facebookpage must have more than 2000 followers.

Log out (from Facebook) and try again with another account.

You must have admin permissions to install apps on Facebook.

6/10: Sharing information is wrong or out of date

Go to Facebook debugger.

Type the url to your Advent calendar and click “Debug”. Hit the button “Scrape Again” or “Scrape” depending on earlier actions.

Facebook will update the sharing title, content and image.

Keeping Facebook in sync with your Advent calendar.

7/10: I can't find the Advent calendar on mobile devices

Facebook doesn’t support tabs on mobile devices. When sharing the Advent calendar on Facebook you need to use the correct sharing-url. It consists of your Advent calendar url + /share, eg:

All you need to do is add /share to the url you’re sharing.

8/10: How do I change name on a Facebook tab?

The tab title can be changed here: Facebook > Settings > Templates and Tabs. Press settings on “Advent Calendar” > Edit settings. Insert your new title and hit save.

Remember to click save!

You can change the tab image as well.

9/10: How do I change the order of tabs?

The tabs are is located here: Facebook > Settings > Templates and Tabs. Scroll down to the list of tabs. Use the icon to the left of the tab name, and drag it up or down in the menu

You can’t place a tab above the startpage and you can’t set a tab as the startpage.

Move Advent Calendar to the top of the menu in desember.

10/10: Can I change what is shared on Facebook?

It is fully possible to edit this text under Settings > Social Media > Sharing Title and Sharing Description.

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