Delivery of email reminders

Why aren’t my participants receiving a daily email reminder or welcome email?

Make AS who operate the Advent Calendar is working daily with email marketing and send millions of newsletters every month to our customers. Unfortunately, email isn’t a medium through which one can guarantee that everything will reach the recipient. But in most cases there’s a simple explanation for emails not arriving.

  • Start time for delivery. This is defined in the settings for email reminders. Sending duration will depend on the number of participants and traffic.
  • The participant hasn’t provided the correct email address. We’ve observed that on average around 1% of clients type their email address incorrectly. As a result, 1 in 100 cases can be explained by the email simply being misspelt.
  • The email is blocked by the participant’s spam filter. In this case it’s usually the content of the email that results in the email not arriving. The offending content typically consists of a single word or a combination of words. However, no two spam filters are alike and the way they work depends on the device and operating system. Theoretically this means therefore that an email can land in the inbox of one participant but the spam folder of another.
  • The email doesn’t get delivered at all. This happens in a few cases, especially with a some larger companies and public companies that have a policy of filtering mass communications and advertising. Welcome emails and reminders tend to be classified under this category.

One last thing to keep in mind is that a reminder isn’t generally considered to be a priority email. It’s often considered as advertising and will therefore be treated as a newsletter or other marketing.

We work continuously to ensure optimal delivery and our technicians monitor it around the clock.