Digital Christmas Campaign for Businesses

Now is the perfect time to begin creating your digital Christmas campaign for your brand. If you’re on top of your content planning, then you’re most definitely already doing that, as your prepare your schedule of winter content and promotions. But, if you’re a little less organised, you don’t need to worry – because a digital advent calendar is among the easy options to ensure your clients will stay engaged with you and your business throughout the holiday period.

Interactive advent calendars are a super flexible and easy way to engage clients, both existing ones and to attract new ones too. They’re also a relatively easy app to add to your business website and encourage users to click on a few tabs and share some valuable analytics insights with you.

Digital Christmas Campaign Options

If you’re unsure exactly how a digital advent calendar for businesses could help with your Christmas advertising campaign, you might be surprised to hear there are a few different options. This means you can generate the right advent calendar content for your target audience.

If you know discounts and deals have proven successful in the past, with regards to encouraging clickthrough activity and purchases, then you could fill your brand calendar with as many offers and discounts as is feasible.

Or, if tips and links to premium content are popular with your user base, ensure your digital advent calendar is top heavy with those kinds of rewards.

In short – use the results from previous analytics, to create new data and improve the strength-in-depth of client and user information you can gather from your digital Christmas campaign.

Mobile Friendly

Given the increasing preference of users to interact online via mobile devices, its essential that your business or brand’s winter campaign is suitable for that. An interactive advent calendar can work very well as a mobile, digital Christmas campaign option.

Notifications can ping each day, reminding users to open the next advent calendar door to discover what new treat is available for them. That makes it easy for a client to click through from the notification to your advent calendar online on their mobile, keeping your brand and company name in their mind during the exciting and fun advent period.

Plenty of promotion via social media and email drops, is another way to keep your mobile users engaged. The perfectly worded tweet could help encourage even more potential clients to click through to your winter advent campaign, enjoy a free reward and help make your online data analytics even more relevant, while also growing your subscriber list.

Competition, Quiz or Rewards

We’ve already mentioned how a reward based online advent calendar can help keep your users engaged during the Christmas period. But, if you want to keep people interested throughout the holidays and reward them for their loyalty at the end, you can do that too!

An online advent quiz, with prizes determined at the end of the period based on the number of correct answers, is one way to promote your business and interactive advent calendar.

Or, why not opt for a clues-based system – give descriptions or questions to help uncover a word, letter or even location. Then, when all of them are put together, they lead you to the answer, form the famous quote or spell the correct word.

You can offer an additional prize for those who get it right, in addition to the satisfaction your users gain from seeing the calendar through and finding the right final answer.

And, remember to relate as many of the clues and quiz questions, as well as the prize, to your business, as you can. After all, this is a promotional campaign, so take every opportunity to promote your brand!

Always keep the Holidays in Mind

While your online advent calendar is a promotional tool throughout the holidays to keep your users engaged and ensure they keep your brand name in mind, its important to remember advent calendars are all about Christmas. That means your promotional interactive advent calendar should also promote the season!

Make people smile with your digital Christmas campaign. Remind them about the fun side of the holidays and inject seasonal jokes, links and messages wherever possible – without being too corny on every window.

If you can make your user and advent calendar online visitors happy, they’re more likely to give you that little extra time to fill in a form, share a view or just click through to your site and spend time or even money, with you.

Keep them hooked

If you want your users to go the distance and click on all of your interactive advent calendar windows, you need to keep them interested. While its not the easiest balance to strike, with thought, time and planning, it can be done.

If you’re going for the rewards-based option, then entice them in with some good offers at first – but not too good. After all, you still want to wow them towards the end.

For a quiz or clue-based calendar, mix up the difficulty level of your clues and questions. If users don’t always have to resort to Google, they’re likely to feel more positive about continuing on with your interactive advent calendar. That positivity is also likely to extend to thoughts of your business, too.

Don’t lose sight of your end goal

Of course, the initial idea behind an interactive advent calendar is to encourage your users to engage with your brand or business during the holiday period. However, the measure of how successful you are, comes with the amount of data you gain. And crucially, how many new customers and potential customers sign up for your updates, content and make a purchase with you.

That means:

  • Advent Calendar is an obvious opportunity to obtain GDPR consent to contact customers by email and SMS.
  • Users of your online advent calendar should be rewarded in some way for their time.
  • Your advent calendar needs to be relevant to your users, your industry and the season.

The perfect digital Christmas campaign will deliver on four fronts; they drive traffic to your website, help you grow your mailing list, generate an increase in your social media activity and increase your brand reach.

That sounds like a lot to expect from one digital advent calendar campaign, but it is possible – all with the right blend of design, offers, rewards and fun factor!

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