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An Online Advent Calendar App might be exactly what your company needs get new customers and create customer loyalty to existing ones. An advent calendar will create more traffic to your website and engage your customers in a completely new way. It is now easier than ever to create an online advent calendar app for your company and get it up and running on your web page.

An Advent Calendar is a calendar counting down the days to Christmas. Every day in December leading up to Christmas a new window opens up in the calendar. It is your company’s choice if you want to run a quiz with a new question every day in December, or if you want to offer a good deal on your products every day in the calendar.

It is easy to install the online advent calendar app on your web page – all you have to do is click a button! You can choose between different templates for your advent calendar, or you can make your own design. You can easily post the advent calendar to your Facebook page, which will lead to more participants for the calendar and more followers to your Facebook page. The different windows in the calendar can also easily be posted on Facebook, which allows the participants to share the questions with their Facebook friends.

The perfect business opportunity

Since more than 50 % of all activity on social media comes from mobile devices, we have ensured that the advent calendar works perfectly on all tablets and smartphones, like iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Galaxy tab, Nokia and Windows Phone. You can also use the online advent calendar app in all new browsers.

The advent calendar is available in many different languages, for businesses with branches in different countries. The calendar is available in: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Estonian, German and Spanish (Castellano), so that you can customize the calendar to your needs.

Advent calendars have been huge for decades in Germany and the Nordic countries. Businesses have been taking advantage of this by using a branded advent calendars as a part of their business strategy before Christmas for many years, marketing their products and boosting sales in December. 

An Online Advent Calendar App will bring out the holiday spirit!

The holiday season is a time for happiness and joy, for peace and for giving. It is the time to enjoy being with your family and friends, for great meals and for exchanging gifts with your beloved ones. Christmas time is also a great opportunity for your company to spread joy and excitement through an online advent calendar, which will create a better dialogue with existing customers and help attract new ones.

Through the online advent calendar app you can either run a quiz with Q&A’s, or you can give the customers a unique offer on your products and services every day leading up to the holidays. You can choose to crown one or several winners every day, or you can wait until the calendar is finished and crown the winner(s) at the end. The winners will certainly not regret joining the calendar, and will walk away with a cool prize.

Running an advent calendar has many benefits for your company

An online advent calendar can make your company more visible, and help create buzz around your services and the products you are selling. The calendar is very easy to make, and the result always turns out professional! The holidays are a perfect business opportunity for companies to raise their revenue, since December is a time where a lot of people are looking for the perfect gift for their beloved ones.

Every day in December the participants will look forward to opening a new window in the calendar. In this way many people will visit your web page every day in December leading up to Christmas. An advent calendar for businesses will therefore generate more traffic to your home page, and you can show off what your company does to a whole new group of people. The advent calendar is an interactive way to challenge and engage customers, whilst contributing to customer loyalty and introducing your company to new customers.

An online advent calendar app for customers or employees? It is up to you!

It is up to you if you want to direct the advent calendar towards your customers or your employees. An online advent calendar just for employees will certainly contribute to Christmas spirit and excitement at the office in December. The employees can compete against each other, and the winner(s) will walk away with a cool prize. An advent calendar will in this way create some extra excitement for the workers, and will also hopefully make the days before Christmas feel a little shorter.

A quiz between the employees will without doubt create a positive atmosphere at the work place in December. Making employees happy is one of the key responsibilities of a leader, and an advent calendar might be exactly what you need to create an even better work environment. The calendar will let you show your employees how much you appreciate their work effort, and bring some extra joy in everyday life before Christmas.

Post the calendar to Facebook and get new followers

In addition to posting the advent calendar on your website, you can post it to your company’s Facebook page. This will generate even more traffic, where people can like, comment on, share the calendar with their friends and follow your Facebook page. You can continue updating the new Facebook followers you get after the calendar has ended. By posting the calendar on Facebook you will reach out to even more potential customers, while at the same time getting more loyal customers and spreading the word about your business.

Millions of people are on Facebook these days, and Facebook is still considered the king of social media marketing. Since a lot of people are visiting Facebook every day, it is a great way to communicate with your customers and create dialogue. An advent calendar will raise awareness and make more people notice you in the concrete jungle of businesses!

Increase sales in December!

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