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The following is always included

  • Free support by chat and email with quick response
  • Unlimited traffic, participants and email reminders
  • Follow-up and advice when you need it
  • Quality assurance of your advent calendar (on inquiry)
  • Resources for design, marketing and social media
  • Setup of conversion tracking

What do our customers say

External or internal Advent Calendar? Our customers use Advent Calendar the way they want. We get a lot of positive feedback on good user experience and great support.

“We received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook and saw that this involved more users than usual. Both us and the participants thought this was a nice activity in an otherwise busy pre-Christmas period!”

“The advent calendar has worked very well and we are very happy about that. We have greatly increased the number of fans on Facebook, so it has to be said, it is a success.”

“The calendar was very well received by our employees, candidates and clients. We had strong growth on Adecco and in the number of likes on Facebook.”