Why an Advent Calendar?

An advent calendar is one of the most engaging types of marketing you can perform. This will help you build a stronger brand and make people notice your business in a new way. An advent calendar is a great way for you to show off your products and services before the holidays.

Your customers will actually make an effort to be influenced by your brand, which is pretty incredible.

Last year we saw that over 40% of the participants of the calendar attended the calendar 6 times or more in December.

In an online advent calendar app people are actively visiting the calendar to answer today’s question. People are on average using 2.43 minutes in the calendar. You can make the calendar as simple or advanced as you would like – no matter what it will give your customers a positive experience.

An Advent Calendar will:

  • Showcase your business and raise awareness around campaign products
  • Engage customers and strengthen your brand
  • Increase number of fans on Facebook
  • Promote offers after the participant has answered the question of todays window
  • Raise awareness around your business and your products through asking questions related to your web shop, company or brand
  • Make your customers share, talk about and look forward to the calendar – creates buzz and makes the calendar go viral

Increase sales in December!

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