Why should Advent Calendar be part of your marketing activity?

Get thousands of new leads with GDPR consent

With Advent Calendar you can expect a whole new experience when it comes to the generation of new leads, exposure of your products on social media and building your digital contact network.

Advent Calendar has everything you need to guarantee a smooth and stress-free December.

To make it easier for you, Advent Calendar is composed of various modules which you can turn on or off as required. 20+ templates alongside a whole host of handy functionality: custom design, daily reminders via email and SMS, quiz and campaign mode, acquisition of valid GDPR consent and an automatic winner generator/picker are just a few of the features that make Advent Calendar so incredibly flexible.

Did you know that you can customize any design on Advent Calendar as needed?

Designed for you

Advent Calendar rewards customer engagement and encourages valuable sharing activity on social media. Our templates are designed to work on all platforms and make it easy for users to participate. Advent Calendar stores a history of past activity and uses that information to make the customer journey as simple and straightforward as possible.

Advent Calendar can be easily adapted to your brand with the appropriate logo, colours, fonts, images and CSS. And of course it’s also possible to track traffic and conversions.

  10 tips on how to use Advent Calendar

Marketing, marketing and marketing

To maximise traffic to your advent calendar and website, you need the calendar to be as visible as possible. Your advent calendar can be marketed in a number of different ways, which could comprise organic Facebook shares, paid placement in the channels where you’re already promoted (such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), display marketing to existing audiences or newsletters to existing customers.

The important returning traffic

Reminders are at the heart of a successful Advent Calendar campaign as they both secure and maintain engagement. 40% of returning traffic can be attributed directly to email and SMS reminders. In Advent Calendar, the reminders are auto-generated and pre-populated with your existing content, and can therefore be activated with a single click.

The reminders are adapted to suit all email applications and mobile devices, and are sent from IP addresses that have been ‘warmed-up’ to optimise the quality of delivery.

Did you know that you can choose when to send out Email Reminders?

GDPR for dummies

New leads and potential customers are worthless without the consent for further communication. Advent Calendar comes with GDPR compliance implementation to ensure that the data you capture meets the data quality requirements for subsequent use. You can rest assured that your data is stored and handled in a safe and secure way.

Did you know that Advent Calendar supports up to 3 separate consents? In this way you can for example separate newsletter and SMS customers.

See the whole picture

Advent Calendar gives you a complete overview of what’s happening on your websites and on social media. It includes daily reporting so that you can keep fully up to date with your campaigns in the simplest way possible. And if you enable automatic winner generation, Advent Calendar will draw the winner(s) for you according to whatever schedule you specify.

Did you know that Advent Calendar motivates sharing on social media by increasing the chance of winning proportionally to the number of shares and recruits that can be traced back to each participant?

For your security

Advent Calendar comes with a dedicated support team on chat, phone and email with an average response time of 10 minutes. You’re always welcome to contact us for answers to any problems you may have. We’ll go to great lengths to ensure your experience is as positive as possible.

By the way did you know that we have had 98% customer satisfaction in the last 3 years?

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