Use Advent Calendar to collect new leads

With Advent Calendar, you can generate thousands of new leads, gather GDPR consent from prospective customers and follow up with great deals in the New Year.

Advent Calendar isn’t just a lovely tradition that delights your customers and employees alike whilst helping your company to focus on a good cause. A digital advent calendar is also an effective form of marketing and a serious tool for lead generation. By following up with great offers after Christmas and New Year you can win thousands of new customers whilst obtaining their GDPR consent.


Effective marketing with Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar with optional number of days

You choose exactly how many days for which you want your advent calendar to be active. Although the default setting is 24 active days, you can also extend the campaign over the New Year for up to 31 days. Alternatively, you can choose to simply activate it once a week in the month up to Christmas and create an advent calendar with four windows.

Online advent calendar


10 tips on how to use Advent Calendar


1. Generate incremental sales up to Christmas Eve

Inspire customers to do their Christmas shopping with you. An advent calendar gives you the opportunity to provide information about your products and services in an informal and appealing way. Remember also that you can adapt the content behind each window to give the customer as much information as possible about all the benefits of becoming one of your customers.

2. Obtain GDPR approval and generate incremental sales in the coming year

An advent calendar not only increases sales during the campaign period – it also helps to generate leads that you can use to build further incremental sales later down the line. With every new sign-up to the campaign you can collect valuable GDPR consent from prospective customers to whom you can send newsletters and offers.

3. Focus on a good cause

Do you have a new product around which you’d like to build awareness? Or do you want to share knowledge about an important issue for your company? Regardless, you can use the advent calendar for whatever makes the most sense for your business.

4. Get visitors to your physical store

Offer extra great instore deals, discounts and coupons to encourage potential customers to shop in your stores. This is a great way to increase footfall to your store whilst strengthening customer relationships in the long run.

5. Create engagement on social media

You can build widespread awareness about your campaign by offering alluring prizes. Participants can share your posts and tag friends in them, encouraging many to return to see what they can win. A cool bonus of this is that you can reach a wider audience whilst strengthening your company’s online image.

6. Win more subscribers to your newsletter

Advent Calendar is an excellent tool for winning more subscribers to your newsletter. Participants sign up by providing their email address, thereby significantly building up your mailing list in a relatively short period of time.

7. A valuable tool for market analysis

You can organise the content and questions behind each window to gather valuable customer information such as personal habits, needs, preferences and preferred purchases. This information can be used again and again to win leads and build incremental sales.

8. Obtain data to make Facebook retargeting commercials

New customers are typically exposed to the same advertisement about a company several times before they make a purchase. You can use Advent Calendar to increase customer awareness about your products and then run retargeting ads to cross-promote similar products.

9. Pamper your customers

Strengthen your marketing and build loyalty amongst your customers by pampering them with a beautiful digital advent calendar. This can increase the lifetime of your customers which will lead to long term benefits for company turnover.

10. Pamper your employees

It’s not just your customers who can reap the benefits of a digital advent calendar. You can also encourage your employees to participate which can help to build social engagement, increase job satisfaction and strengthen company loyalty.

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Advent Calendar on your website and Facebook

Build incremental sales by integrating the digital advent calendar into your website, web shop, social media and newsletter. It only takes one click to install the Advent Calendar on your Facebook page. Remember to draw attention to the Advent Calendar well in advance on a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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No need to worry about the number of participants. Advent Calendar can handle massive amounts of traffic:

  • 450.000+ emails sent daily
  • 350.000+ daily responses
  • 7500+ simultaneous sessions


We take care of all the hard work with the advent calendar

You can leave the operation of the advent calendar completely to us to avoid drowning in unnecessary extra work. We’re always there to provide free support with quick response time, unlimited traffic and number of participants, resources for marketing and design, setup of tracking and conversion tracking and close follow-up. We can also ensure the quality of your digital advent calendar if you send us a request for this in advance.

We have made it as easy as possible to set up the advent calendar as a user-friendly and fully customisable tool with a wide range of practical functions:

  • Auto draw
  • Daily report
  • Reminders via email

Try a free trial Advent Calendar before making a decision. Create an account today and spread the Christmas spirit amongst your customers and employees alike.

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