Get thousands of new leads with GDPR consent. Let Advent Calendar do the work for you and use your precious time on something else.
Generate incremental sales in December with an online Advent Calendar and gather new marketing prospects for next year. The calendar can be tailored however you wish to strengthen your brand on social media. Advent Calendar has optional layout and any combination of windows.

Classic Advent Calendar

Regular calendar with 24 windows.

Advent Calendar

Simple advent calendar with 4 windows.

New Year Calendar

New Year Calendar with just 1 window.

Start preregistration in early November to achieve higher participation. Promote your Advent Calendar on social media and by using newsletter and SMS.

Create value and build loyalty

Good relationships are built by communicating in a way that makes sense for your customers. Fill your Advent Calendar with genuine and useful content, sit back and watch your customers open all 24 windows.

Get your customers back every day

Send daily email and SMS reminders throughout the Christmas period to entice the participants back in. We make it easy to keep your customers engaged throughout the Christmas period.

Whether you use our library of ready-to-go festive templates or our powerful software to come up with your own custom design, you can build a unique calendar that will pull in your customers on a daily basis.
We provide everything you need to set up a professional and well-functioning Advent Calendar. We've made it easy for you to handle every aspect of running an Advent Calendar, including sending email reminders, detailed statistics and managing the winners. It's just simple, fast and easy to use.

Obtain GDPR consent

Advent Calendar is an obvious opportunity to obtain GDPR consent to contact customers by email and SMS.

Automatic drawing of winners

Simply choose whether winners will be drawn daily, weekly or at the end of the Advent Calendar, and we’ll do the rest.

Daily reports

Get daily reports by email, summarising how many people have participated, correct and incorrect answers, who has been drawn as the winner and the total amount of activity in the calendar.

Reminders via email

Daily reminders can be set up, either with the same content for the whole period or different content each day.

We help you to meet the goals and expectations you define. The Advent Calendar can easily be integrated with Facebook, Wordpress and other existing websites.

Integrated with your website

A separate feature for displaying the calendar directly on your website.

Integrated with Facebook*

It just takes one simple click to install the calendar directly on your Facebook page.

*Facebook requires 2,000+ followers.

Integrated with Wordpress

Display the calendar in Wordpress the easy way.

Sharing on social media

The windows can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also view sharing statistics.

We handle large amounts of traffic

Emails sent daily
Daily replies
Simultaneous sessions

What do our customers say

External or internal Advent Calendar? Our customers use Advent Calendar the way they want. We get a lot of positive feedback on good user experience and great support.

“The digital advent calendar we used in 2020 was true success to our business stakeholders and customers. To increase our digital presence, we will use it this year again.”

“We received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook and saw that this involved more users than usual. Both us and the participants thought this was a nice activity in an otherwise busy pre-Christmas period!”

“The advent calendar has worked very well and we are very happy about that. We have greatly increased the number of fans on Facebook, so it has to be said, it is a success.”

With us, the following is always included

  • Free support by chat and email with quick response
  • Unlimited traffic, participants and email reminders
  • Follow-up and advice when you need it
  • Quality assurance of your advent calendar (on inquiry)
  • Resources for design, marketing and social media
  • Setup of conversion tracking

Advent Calendar

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Advent Calendar Pro

Create competitions all year round.


Get inspired

Good marketing is based on knowledge. Learn how to use Advent Calendar to meet new customers.

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